Friday, December 03, 2004

feminist issues

abuse of male privilege
friends and freeing influences how m. became a woman! :)
between you and me - bloggers and gender politics
fairy tales and stereotypes
m. speaks wikipedia part 2, and about gender-bashing for the Glory of Knowledge

science, medicine and health
science and the state
the scientific mind, emotions and ethics
human nature, sex and science
ethics and allopathy
technocracy and the media - II
technocracy and the media
a definition of sorts
so much for medicine.


a view on "being different" and social conformity
sex and PG my experience with my parents about the issue of sex
oleanna a movie i saw
the common thread what binds the educated and uneducated indian woman?
us and them "why doesnt feminism talk about (insert random issue) instead?"
equality vs liberation equality doesn't matter all that much to me
womb pride
being a feminist now
dick francis an author who moved beyond the male gaze

system failure
make some blank noise
the king of po(o)p michael jackson, popular support and the media
protecting children prevention and help in times of child sexual abuse
the world's children state of the world's children
as usual, it's upto the women
it's time to get angry again... commentary on the condition of women
oh, by the way- the system and the rights of the child
cpols community popular opinion leaders
wake up call

sex, sexuality, sexual politics & related issues:
sexuality, sexual orientation and sex the differences, in a format that makes my template go mad
prostitution as "just another" profession
HSBC how a bank offers to serve your friendly neighbourhood stalker-sexual predator
human nature, sex and science
lessons learnt on 29c basic self defence against street sexual harassment
sex, violence - and a cola? sexualising violence and abuse. and drinking cola.
barbie how a porn toy got "revamped"
tell me another one! wikipedia and sexual politics. also why i hate 'em
dress (lack of) sense how we sexualise children
THIS is my culture a cultural perspective on sex
degrading denim advertising sex before the product
they like it that way? about women *liking* working in porn
a guy thing attitude about rape
to jack attitudes about sex
a reply to "men need porn"
i DON'T like pornography where i stand. which is not negotiable. so don't bother trying.

other assorted subjects

conference on hiv stigma
resources : world aids day
patently wrong

"eve-teasing" - sexual harassment in india
thinking aloud about BNP
lessons learnt on 29c
eve-teasing : the claims of ownership
the blank noise project: make some blank noise

the bushmen, diamond trade and armed violence
bloody diamonds

on english
"first world", says who?
a guy thing about the word "rape"
the hole politics of english about the origin of the word "vagina"

people doing things
gawd in heaven women's day and the sore need for feminism
"you can't sink a rainbow!" greenpeace and the rainbow warrior
World AIDS Day 2005 multiple resources
protecting children tulir
tsunami relief work update donations of money and materials (note: not updated)



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