Thursday, January 20, 2005

first world? says who?

the sheer arrogance and unfounded conceit of the thing leaves you (or at least, leaves me) speechless!! the “first world” refers to the half of the world which most lacks culture, has the greater instances of human rights violations, is imperialist, violent beyond belief and technocratic?

this classification is obviously on the basis of money and economic power. im sorry if i sound red (i emphatically am not a marxist) but its no bloody coincidence that the rich uns are also the crassest uns!

if that werent bad enough, this side of the globe – which was home to the oldest civilisations and most religions, rich in traditions and culture, with at least a wobbly sense of ethics – gets to be called the third world?

its so blatant that the gulf between the two “worlds” is meant to be there. please, lets not delude ourselves that the “first” world is working towards bridging it!..... ever heard them refer to any place as the “second” world?

theres a whole “world” of difference between us and them, and its meant to be that way!

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