Saturday, January 01, 2005

tsunami relief work update

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A group of 20 NGOs is carrying out the relief operations in the various affected areas. There is one NGO called Samanvaya which is coordinating all the activities.

To locate missing people, you can try these links - the database is being updated as often as possible.

Please help us : we need people who are willing to go to field, and manpower to raise resources from the city.

To volunteer, please contact :

Phone : 91-44-2555 0781
Mr. Ram - (Mob) 0 938216 0811
Ms. Rama - (Mob) 0 938455 0781

To donate please contact :

CIKS - Center for Indian Knowledge Systems
30(47C) Gandhi Mandapam Road,
Kotturpuram, Chennai - 600 085.
Phone - 91-044-24471087 / 24475862
Fax - 91-044-24471114


Gandhi Study Centre
Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya,
Vekatnarayana Road.
T Nagar, Chennai 17
Mr. Krishna (mob: 9841051055)
Mr. Krishnan (mob: 9381201944)

If you want to donate in a foreign currency , please donate through they are working with AID to double contributions. AID being a regd US - based NGO, donors will also receive tax benefit. (and AID seems to be doing good work here, so dont worry on that head! :-) )

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