Thursday, January 20, 2005

as usual, its upto the women

in old english, "maid" simply meant a young girl. its no coincidence that now, a maid is someone pretty much like a slave.

feminism, characterised by its concern for all life, has had a wide range of concerns. the feminist cause has joined hands with others like anti-war, peace, pro-choice, anti-technocratic, homosexuality rights, childrens rights, etc to name a few.

lets just stop for a minute and think...... how many of these causes actually stood up for feminism in turn? how much support and importance did the feminists rate after such a display of all embracing concern? what thanks for not being tunnel visioned or selfish?

the sad thing is, though such an array of issues dilutes the fight for simple empowerment of women, feminism cannot afford to be myopic enough to ditch them!

the reason i bring up this issue now is the latest india today article on the (scandalous) lives of school children. it reported how kids have started boozing, having sex, doing drugs and porn etc without a second thought, and as early as 7th grade.

through the entire article you hear the constant refrain "even the girls have started" ....... what message are we sending? that moral degeneracy is magnified because of which gender you belong to? in that case, is the acknowledged superior gender (womenkind) given any respect and treat a whit better? or is it simply again a case of "boys will be boys"? (i HATE that sentence with a deep and deadly hatred) in which case aren't we conveniently allowing (in fact encouraging and ratifying) boys any amount of licence to do what the hell they please by virtue of their gender? what the hell are we trying to say?

especially in such an article, if the author was shocked and angry about anything, it should have been at the influences on such young vulnerable minds. but no, according to him, guys have always been doing dope, smoking, boozing, sex (with whom pray, since homosexuality is taboo?!) so its not news. whats really pissed him off is that girls have started now.

one brilliant school has decided to act assertively - by banning the girls from wearing skirts. ummm, excuse me?! very constructive. clever adults.

as usual, in the middle of schools trying keep their noses clean, media hyping the incidents and parents turning a blind eye and trying to buy their childrens love, nobody wants to stop and question the social system thats creating and sustaining this mess. up the patriarchy.

plus, as teachers and parents scramble to pass the buck rather than sit down with the kids and do something to help them, it will be up to the feminists (as usual) to clean up everyone elses shit for them. its time to head for the ditches again. oh boy.

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Blogger Sanketh said...

hey m.,

to be frank i had a good laugh when i read your post. i believe the author of that article and most parents are subject to selective amnesia. i find this sense of "moral outrage" hypocritical. most of us reading this post have been to school and we know how all hell breaks lose when harmones take over. it was never different before and this "problem" has always been around.
now if anyone believes the current generation is suddenly "morally decadent" i believe they are kidding themselves. this holier than thou attitude aint gonna get us anywhere. i think as a society we need to accept our sexuality. we have got to acknowledge that hitting puberty isnt exactly a walk in the park. it is about time parents took initiative and gave their kids the low down about sex. i know i am asking for a lot but that is the only way we are gonna get somewhere. the issue has sociological and psychological ramifications. don't try to deal with it by getting young women to wear longer skirts.

and for heaven's sake stop blaming the kids.

10:57 am  
Blogger Vitalstatistix said...

I guess its just that some people find it a little difficult to believe when women start deviating from standards set by contemporary society. For instance even I find it a little difficult to not stare at a woman who lights up in coffee day :) btw nice blog you have up here.

3:56 am  

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