Saturday, February 25, 2006

make some blank noise

i came across something interesting. the blank noise project. they deal with the harassment of women. as they point out, eve teasing is common, yes, but totally unacceptable. they are now organising a blog-athon to spread awareness about the issue. quoting a sentence i liked in their mail,
"hopefully it will be an archive that will help us understand and stay angry about harassment".
( more details...)

all bloggers are invited. if you dont have a blog but would like to chip in... ahem. you're gawping at a scribble pad right now - so scribble away me hearties! :) have your say, and have it collectively on march 7th. meanwhile, please spread the word.



Blogger karmic_jay said...

My 2 cents. I am still amazed and repelled at the same time with eve teasing and harassment of women. I remember, I started to notice it first when I went out with my sis and we were typical teens 16- 17. Maybe it was because I was with her, it was just stares. The way some of them would stare..the lecherous looks. Not much I could do but glare back or clench my fists in anger.
The eveteasers were more brave, if we were on a train station and they were on a train passing by or leaving the station. They would hang our of doors, whistle and the usual catcalls would ensue. I would sometimes shout back or ask them to get off and we could have it out.
Once on a trip with friends I remember a buddy of mine almost pick up a fight with some guys cos he saw them "brush by" his girlfriend while she was at the ticket counter.
Even today Mrs.jay on visits to India mentions how uncomfortable she feels being stared at. She has not encountered the more egregious form of eveteasing on trips back.
The practice is demeaning and reprehensible and should and must stop.
I have run now, with a busy Saturday coming up, but I will add my voice to the blank noise project soon.

6:59 am  
Blogger karmic_jay said...

PS: I dd update my profile a bit. I have a post on my blog too. Responses or lack of them are welcome. :-)

7:02 am  
Anonymous Hiren said...

Do something for poor Jessic lal too. This came in the times Unity is strength

10:05 pm  
Blogger m. said...

karmic_jay: happy blogging!

hiren: er, that link only goes to another blog, and the link that they give leads nowhere, plus theyre not saying what the hell it is theyre doing so im clueless!
anyway, id signed up for a petition that NDTV has happening, if youd like to chip in too.

4:54 am  

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