Sunday, January 30, 2005

technocracy and the media.

mainstream media has long been bought over by the capitalists. its not surprising then, that capitalisms allying with technocracy should result in technocracy taking over media.

look at what technology has done for mainstream media : every channel from music to 24 hour news has eagerly lapped up what technology has to offer. why, look at the recent wars - the buzz words been embedded journalism. then slow down and look at what that has done.

those million minute snippets coming in (ostensibly to create a bigger, better picture) have flooded us with so much data that nobody has the time to stop, sift and analyse the import of what they are seeing - least of all the anchors going on air live at the studios. you bet theyll report any old thing they can think of! you almost feel sorry for them - the pawns of the system.

the media are bombarding us with so many messages so many times a day, that were simply too stunned to be able to even try to understand what were being told. our minds are being battered into acceptance. zombie state.

sound like a whacko conspiracy theory? not really. look at mainstream media. who owns it? if you look at global channels, they are basically owned by around 10 media houses. around 6 of these are american..... guess what kind of messages and whose propaganda youll be hearing. (go go go guys : lets find those WMDs in eye-raq!)

then consider the internet. again, it is primarily owned by the rich guys. in the most subtle, effective way possible, anything contrary to mainstream culture is suppressed or distorted. (an art that mainstream media is very good at : during the 70s, a small band of anti-technocrat writers called their underground journal "fuck you" so that it wouldnt be noticed and distorted by mainstream media.)

to give you a concrete example of what im talking about, why dont you log on to an online encyclopaedia like millions of others. now try searching for toril moi. she happens to be a cult feminist figure - authored sexual/textual politics (which does not promote mainstream culture!) youll see what happens.

try searching for theodore roszak. a man who was an icon to rebellious youth of the 70s. a man who spoke against technocracy and the way it was shattering our social systems. see what happens. search for douglas adams.

now final exercise : please do try this one whatever you do! - search for the technocratic movement, and read the section on opposition to technocracy. for the most part, you wont be able to access information : youll find only paid articles. you have to search for ages to find a free, available-to-all write up. so far, i have found only one site - and even in that one, it was a lousy, incomplete presentation of facts!.... the more youve read about anti technocracy, the more horrified youll be about how theyve played with the words to suppress the concept.

even on online book stores, if you just try searching for reviews of feminist literature or something anti-patriarchal. youll get minimal (if any) results. search for a capitalist or communist manifesto. bingo. because those are mainstream medias staple diet.

what you dont know, you cannot question. if we make you search like hell to see it, and then present a warped wrong image, would you know enough to recognise the flaws?



Blogger Vitalstatistix said...

The media is also about money right ? They survive on TRP ratings, ads etc and they show whatever the public like. Economic sense would make them cover what the public wants to see and hence a fair share of the blame should be taken by the public...... Very true, the media is guilty of selective coverage/hyprocrisy and a lot of other things. I think the primary reason for this could be that the media has evolved from being just a reporting tool, to something that is also used to express opinions. As long as opinions are expressed (and not reported) the media can never be truly fair..... A small question though - 'then consider the internet. again, it is primarily owned by rich.' - how ??

7:51 am  
Blogger Laks said...

How true... If you could get hold of chomsky on "Language and Responsibility", you'll see that how hypocritic the mass media esp those 'scholars' who are suppossed to be the critics, their interpretations leaves a even sourer taste in the mouth... From the student's revolution of the 1960's (USA) to Vietnam to Watergate to WMDs.. it's all one BIG farce.. "Who said history is not the story of the victors??"

6:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I am a masculininst, I am going to oppose whatever you write. ;-)

Jus' kiddin'. Yeah you are right. Media has become more of a powerplay ground than imparting information. It is only for and on money that media actually survives.


11:23 am  

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