Saturday, September 01, 2007

delirium and other stories

i don't know about you folks, but i go totally batshit crazy when i have fever. i start thinking verrry carefully - you know, squinting mentally and really trying hard to be logical - and coming to absolutely ridiculous conclusions. its like being soo close to your needle when you're threading it, that you've your tongue out with concentration and you're breathing heavily and all...but then you finally miss whatever it is.

yesterday my fever went up another notch. it showed. our geyser doesn't work. because of lack of time, inclination and money, rather than change it we just use an immersion rod. so my husband rigged that up in the bedroom (the loo doesnt have a big enough plug point), and went out of the room to see to dinner. i sat there in semi darkness, gravely considering the bucket.

hmm. now i have two options - i must think carefully - should i bathe here or use the bathroom. if its the bathroom, i'm too weak to carry that bucket into the bathroom. maybe i should just bathe in the bedroom. but it'll get so wet .. and all that froth of soap on the floor, tsk... i certainly wont have the energy to ....WHAT?! i'm seriously considering bathing in the bedroom?!

it was my compulsive tendency to do automatic Cleaning Required Assessment that saved me. so, having successfully handled that one, i bathed (in the bathroom) and came out feeling much better. oh yeah - a hot water bath with salt is great for colds! an hour later i thought i'd inhale some steam to clear my nose again. i carefully think about it, put the vaal pathram on the stove and am about to light it. something seems a little different. after 2 minutes... ah. water. i had forgotten to fill water in the vessel.

after which brilliance my husband firmly ordered me to bed and to ask for help with anything. sigh. i need to get well soon!

oh yeah... and since fever helps me randomly remember stuff, i just remembered something that happened about a month back. the husband and i were driving to work, and as we turned into the wee road where our office is, there was a guy merrily unzipping to piddle on a wall. usually, my tendency is to think "MEN! *$%&#!!" and just give up, but that day i lowered the window and yelled. the golden words were "dont be disgusting! - stop pissing on the road and find yourself a bathroom." and what do you know, he nearly blushed, zipped up and mumbled a "saary madam" and scuttled away.

so what do you know, it works!

oh yeah... one of you wish me some hot soup, huh? :)



Anonymous Moorsingh Justin said...

Well, I wish you in hot soup.

4:14 am  

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