Friday, August 03, 2007

a m.m.! 8 things about m.

I've been tagged by the eloquent Laurelin for the 8 random things about me meme. So here goes again:

1. i'm emotionally quite impassive a person. i have to sometimes remind myself to show a reaction.

2. i tend to catch myself making the fundamental assumption that if i know it, of course you do. or you should - even i know it!

3. there's no such thing as eating too many vegetables. however, copious amounts of raw green leafy stuff makes me mean and desperate! i hate lettuce.

4. i have a mole on one of my soles that keeps disappearing and reappearing.

5. i love the osho tarot pack (about the only thing i like about osho!) because the cards are beautifully designed. i can vouch for at least the air suite being uncannily accurate. i think someone did some fanstastic people watching when they designed that pack!

6. i am developing road rage. i feel very frustrated that i don't know enough swear words in tamil. the stint in south africa totally cleared up my language - i didn't have to drive, so i didn't swear. simple.

7. i think i have briefly bitterly hated almost all the people i love the most.

8. i believe it is perfectly fine - even good - to judge, to discriminate. the only clause attached, is that you should do a good job of it, and follow the profession's ethics!

let's see. i tag these people: senthil who hasn't written in a long time. neither has sriharsha, so i'll tag him too. the happy feminist appeared briefly and vanished again, so here's tagging her as well!



Anonymous Preyanka said...

Wow, I love your blog! Excellent thoughts. I'm been thinking about issues of women in India on my blog, but my ideas are certainly not as nuanced. Looking forward to reading more:)

12:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

completely agree with no. 8!

I get road rage sitting on the bus... I can't even drive...


(blogspot won't let me sign in properly, grrr!)

2:36 pm  
Blogger workhard said...

Nice one.. i swear when i cross the street!!!

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9:14 am  

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