Friday, December 29, 2006

5 things you didn't know about me

the yearly quota of two tags is about to be completed. evidently ive been tagged by vivek, whom i do not know - and who, i imagine, cannot possibly know me personally if he's a techie! :D

in case you experienced a burning desire to know 5 inane things about me, 'ere you go:

1. i love bitter chocolate. it gives me shudders of delight. almost nothing in the world can depress me to the extent that bitter cant reach and pull me out of. i also think milk chocolate is ee-yew and should be outlawed!

2. my face often betrays what im thinking or how im feeling - it used to get me into heaps of trouble in college! whenever a prof talked nonsense in class, ole reliable would promptly assume an "eeks! what garbage are you talking?!" expression, making it necessary for me to drop my pencil and duck out of sight until i could freeze it into plastic indifference.

3. in my management classes (and even generally i guess) i tend to think like an employer. i have very limited sympathy for trade unions and communist outrage against wealth. my commerce teacher used to give me a sardonic smile every time i was conspicuously silent when the class broke into heated pro-labour discussions.

4. there are some odd jobs around the house that i really love doing - ironing with a steam iron, cooking, and washing dishes. they all give me a sense of peace and the feeling that all my troubles will be sorted out. i like embroidery too. when im embroidering i can switch off to the world and spend hours chewing over some topic peacefully or just being oblivious to the world. (that is how i spent most of today.)

5. i get hassled by ugly noises and colours. i feel uneasy if my bedsheets or pillowcases are wildly mismatched or in jarring colours. if my phone rings more than 4/5 times in half an hour, i generally switch it off and, if possible, push off for a quiet walk.



Blogger Krish said...

Ummm...I liked the 3rd point...I know it doesnt amount to much...but then just a curiosity...are you a mgmt grad?? n i am sort of confused...Commerce understand...and ofcourse I know nuthing about commerce courses n their curriculum...are these included in the commerce classes too??

3:08 pm  
Anonymous Vivek said...

Noop, I do not know you personally but I read your blog ;)

# 5 is little funny for me coz I can't just switch off phone

8:32 pm  
Blogger m. said...

krish: yesh. once upon a lifetime i studied management. most of personnel management stuff that you read in school at least (in college you may use firang books) is almost ridiculously pro-abour!

vivek: ah. a belated welcome! :) the phone thing is constant source of exasperation to my friends :))

8:40 pm  
Blogger Krish said...

You know what.....the sort of Personnel Management that you are speaking about, is all out dated..Now, we call it Human Capital Management [:)]..But on a tangent- your once upon a lifetime seems to be typically an year or less![;)]- Dont get bored of life soo sooon[:P]..A back of the hand calculation from ur profile age and this pharse lead to tht conclusion...with 90% probability of it being true...You gotta temme if that is the case[:P]

7:25 pm  
Blogger amit said...

hey i too love ironing, and some times dishes too... i love doing dishes when i could see the difference; before and after. ironing was once my dream profession.

8:53 pm  

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