Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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aishwarya had tagged all contributors on sthreeling for the feminism tag ("5 things feminism has done for you"). sorry for the delay a., here it is at last:

1. feminism has made me a happier person in a lot of ways, and added to my sense of self worth. there are days when, even if my whole world has fallen apart and nothing's going right, i still think "i'm a woman", and feel this absolute rush of joy!

2. i love the emphasis that feminism places on honesty and ethics in analysis. one of the things that bothers me about mainstream academic/scientific thought is that it seems to be conducted in ethical and moral vacuums.
as noam chomsky once remarked, "the intellectual tradition is one of servility to power, and if i didn't betray it i'd be ashamed of myself."

3. i think i've become more responsible and more socially aware a person. there are so many things that i did not perceive before - so many worlds i didnt know coexisted with mine. after my introduction to feminism, i've also become more aware of silence being as political a gesture as active dissent or assent. i've learnt that brute force (or power) is different from strength.

4. feminism has taught me a lot about myself. my first encounter with feminist writing reassured me that i wasn't insane, and that amongst other things, it was in fact normal to be bothered by violence and misogyny. ironically that first book also shook me up and churned my mind. it took a while to be able to accept the things i was reading - and not feel like a criminal!

5. feminism has been mind and soul food, and so intellectually a very deeply satisfying experience! it has helped me clear up my head and be surer about what is important to me, how much freedom and responsibility i can handle comfortably, the codes i live by, my tread-carefully-here mental landscapes ... assorted things like that. one of the things i like immensely about feminist theory is that it doesnt "talk down" to the reader.
and its very interesting and leads somewhere- unlike the writing of kant, russell, aristotle or rand. (general public to pliss ignore the last sentence : its a very specifically directed dig at Some People. har har har!)

also posted on sthreeling.
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Blogger Sriharsha Salagrama said...

Ayn rants, obviously; and Bertrand does little more than rustle a few mathematical paradoxes. Parts of his work would seem greek to the uninitiated. But I cant for the life of me imagine what Immanuel does wrong!

5:08 am  
Anonymous Meenakshi said...

--and its very interesting and leads somewhere- unlike the writing of kant, russell, aristotle or rand.--

Man is a reasoning rather than a reasonable animal.

Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of voice, but out of chaos.

5:39 am  

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