Saturday, July 08, 2006

arbit blah 6

i go to a school of music to learn classical guitaring. however most of the other folks who come there come to learn to play the keyboard. now some of these, are very young children - 4/5 years old.

so each time a very small kiddy comes, and the pally greetings have been exchanged, the teacher (who evidently has a deadly sense of humour) asks 'em in a grave Jeeves-ian manner whether they'd like one chair or two. the wee un considers and chooses, clambers onto the little throne, and plinks away the next one hour, happily swinging its legs!

most chuckle-some!

my life



Blogger Rabin said...

so there is some fun in cacaphony after all huh?

8:21 am  
Blogger Anurag said...

How nice! You should take a picture of legs dangling...

8:31 pm  
Blogger Senthil said...

...or two.

1:26 am  
Blogger Bhanu said...

sorry...dint get it???am i dumb?? may be yes!!

5:06 am  
Blogger m. said...

rabin: i keep telling ya so dont i!

anurag: gawsh. i didnt think of a photo... will try!

senthil: :D

bhanu: never mind... it was just something small that i flipped for :)

5:42 am  

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