Monday, January 09, 2006

feminism in indian culture.

The Series:

feminism in indian culture
the origins of a tradition
shakthi worship and philosophy
yoni worship

* * *

i happened to read some interesting snippets about the yonic tradition, and was ab-so-lootly riveted. on further digging around, i found :

1). any real literature on the subject is nearly impossible to find.... how much i had to search! *pant pant*

2). one very nice book - an absolute treasure - on shakthi worship. *yahoo!*

it goes under the deceptively meek name of "kali, the feminine force" and is quite a kick in the pants. highly recommended buy. author, ajit mookerjee. so what follows is basically from this book, with afore mentioned snippet reading, and much grandmother- and other-people-grilling! :d

this is a highly ambitious undertaking i know, but i still have to try! im not going into the interesting depths of the philosophies or symbols, but am sort of merely planting markers to say "oh look, here's this neat thing"..... (and maybe also "whee! isnt this exciting?!" hehe...).

and so, the next three posts are little potlums of feminism in our culture :D

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