Thursday, December 29, 2005


i take immense pleasure in quoting a very (other) wise man and wishing you all

a happy and preposterous new year.




Blogger iyer education said...

wishing you too a happy and a prosperous year 2006

2:37 am  
Blogger Senthil said...

I love this! If you don't mind, I shall propagate this greeting as far and wide as I can.
And a h. and p. new year to you, too!

6:09 am  
Blogger m. said...

@ iyer education: your sensible version is much appreciated :) thanks, and the same to you!

@ senthil: thank you and ditto! tis priceless is it not? - do temme how many people goggle when you wish em :D

4:21 am  
Blogger Jake said...

pahhy noo yeer to yoo too

7:26 am  

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