Monday, September 12, 2005

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A Birthday
Christina Georgina Rossetti

My heart is like a singing bird
Whose nest is in a water'd shoot;
My heart is like an apple-tree
Whose boughs are bent with thickset fruit;
My heart is like a rainbow shell
That paddles in a halcyon sea;
My heart is gladder than all these
Because my love is come to me.

Raise me a dais of silk and down;
Hang it with vair and purple dyes;
Carve it in doves and pomegranates,
And peacocks with a hundred eyes;
Work it in gold and silver grapes,
In leaves and silver fleurs-de-lys;
Because the birthday of my life
Is come, my love is come to me.



Blogger Manasa said...


4:05 am  
Blogger Woodworm said...

Happy birthday :)

9:18 am  
Blogger Jake said...

butt day is it ?
happy happy.

9:27 am  
Blogger m. said...

@ manasa: yup!

@ woodworm: thanks, but its not my birthday! never mind... ill roll it over to next year! :d - i just like poem a lot and suddenly felt like putting that up :)

@ jake: butt its not! hopeless doof! :))

9:56 am  
Blogger S. said...

beautiful poem.......for more reasons than the poem itself..:)

10:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooseless! :D

10:07 pm  
Blogger KoPoS said...

I seem to be imagining posts too nevermind all the things, omg!

Was there or was there not a post in the place of the poem???

Btw, good poem!

10:39 pm  
Blogger Eroteme said...

Very sweet a poem!!
So who came to you? ;-) That 2-wheeler? :-o

2:17 am  
Blogger sensiblystoned said...

yeah.....there was a post before the poem and after equality vs liberation, wasnt. Talk about not wanting to blog :P

6:19 am  
Blogger m. said...

@ misha : nice no? :D this is one of those few poems on love i like!

@ "anon": bah.. takes one to know one!

@ PS: lol.. no, you werent imagining things! call it a change of heart :)

@ eroteme: ahem. ramming someone is NOT a good way to get to know them! :p

@ sensibly stoned: yes there was, o observant one! sigh. tis a worse story than the templates affair! :))

10:24 am  
Blogger KoPoS said...

lets hear the story then...we are all ears err... i mean eyes :)

10:57 pm  
Blogger Sridhar said...

joker... post delete kar diya?

9:14 am  
Blogger Sea and Sky said...

very neat!! am not a great fan of poems on love... but this one's poignant. achieves the rare quality of being abt love and yet not getting mushy abt it :)
Christina Rossetti's poetry is deceptively simple... and often beautiful! read this poem called "echo" by her? that one's quite nice too.

8:11 am  
Blogger m. said...

@ PS: tsk tsk tsk, such a sad lack of survival instincts! i shall spare you this time around! :))

@ sridhar: ek bujurg ne mujko aise karne ke liya kaha :p

@ sea and sky: yesh, some of these love poems make me feel positively diabetic! :D oh i must look up echo - havent read it as yet. danke!

10:02 am  
Blogger Sridhar said...

echo ?

this should fit....

11:48 am  
Blogger m. said...

thanks sridhar. now im properly shell shocked :p... and you deserve a solid shelling! :D

9:13 pm  
Blogger Senthil said...

Wonder if you've been here... excellent collection of poems...

Oh, and incidentally, you've been tagged. HeHAHAHAHA...

11:03 am  

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