Monday, August 01, 2005

sexual / textual politics

This is a feminist literary critique by Toril Moi, which I read quite some time back and have been meaning to write about ever since - it is brilliant. Please note that what follows is not a review of the book: it’s simply a sprinkling of scraps.

It was so loaded with things to think about, I am still dazed by ideas this book dealt with - and I know I have only understood only a mere fraction of them! Ideally I should’ve read it over a month, unfortunately, I had to read in around 3 days: so here are simply some landmarks that caught my eye as I sped through its so-vast landscape : ) I was dying to read S/TP, and it’s very difficult to get hold of, so this post is for those of you who sought it too but weren’t as lucky, and for those of you who are generally curious about feminism and what the hell it has to say! :)

I’d also like to add that the book is a super read, but to make sense of it, you’d have to have read several feminist works since references are liberally scattered. The English and American names were ok, but the French ones were totally lost on me!

Ok. Now to brass tacks. I’m going to make this a multi post thing because there’s quite a bit, and I want to give you time to chew over each bit of the book!

So this week, we're doing a daily feature on feminist literature - welcome all!! : D

Sexual/Textual Politics

Sexual/Textual Politics - the beginning of feminist writing

Kate Millett - Sexual Politics

Katherine M Roger, Mary Ellman

Images of women

And so it goes



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u put an intro for a post???? an that too this big??? what r u writing a text book?

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one squeak??? ur really learning HTML arent u?? :d ur a middle aged nag:D :D :D

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@sanketh: yesh indeed! sound a familiar topic? ;)

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