Wednesday, January 26, 2005


my teacher told me that theres a comfort in knowing that nothings certain. that uncertainity is reassuring. hes not one to make trite remarks, so i didnt dismiss that straight off, but i did not accept it either. (its my back handed compliment to him that i always argue with him: hes the only person whose word ill take for gospel truth, but because hes so sensible, i cant be so foolish as to do that!!)

to return to the point. im beginning to believe him. it does seem to be comforting to know that things are seldom what they seem. that nothing is certain - least of all the way we live and die. for one thing, its wonderful to think that the shitty things we see in the world around us are not the entire picture, that its not certain that the world will continue to be a filthy place (we idealists are incorrigible!)

i suppose with a such view you also become so open to new ideas that you adapt faster without wasting time going through denial and reluctant acceptance... you roll and break the falls cos youre not rigid.

i increasingly value that ability : to be able to see things clearly, without the fear that if you do, it may rock the foundations of your world as you know it... look at how many important things we are slow to learn because we are resistant to change. change of thoughts, change of views. the first thing we do, is get defensive.

if i remember right, gibran said something along these lines "Strange that creatures without backbones have the hardest shells"... quite a scathing commentary on people and their wilful blindness!



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